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Kristian Immonen

Kristian Immonen



It was a funny story when we launched kainby1925 , a website that had grown over the years to an online store with over 60+ add-ons. Optimizing the site was our primary goal, but since the site was built on these small add-ons - optimizing the site for security and a fully fuelled site would only be a temporary solution.

We set out to rebuild the site, using our favourite Shoptimizer -theme as a base, with our own tools and SEO capabilities built in. We created a revamped site and added a few new pages to bring the content up to date.

When we went to monitor the results the site has given us over the last 2 weeks. Without any advertising or even a campaign, the number of subscriptions to the site has gone from once every 3 days to once a day. This is a significant change and for a company like Kainby1925, which sells quality and value products, a very positive surprise.

Combine this with marketing, and our outdoor results multiply. The biggest stumbling block has now been resolved and the site loads easily and serves everyone with a user interface.


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