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We work on SEO at a fixed hourly rate. We can also tailor SEO improvements at the same time as a website redesign.

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How many hours does it take to get my keyword to come up in Google?

The structure, size and technology of your website will largely influence the number of hours needed. For a traditional website (see reference below) it is good to plan 1-2h per page and multiply that by the number of pages.

In some cases (like the reference below) it was also smart to modernise the site. This had an impact on the price per page (2-3h).

Organic visibility works a little differently to traditional Google advertising.

With organic visibility, it takes 1 to 6 months to settle once optimisation has been done. If the search term is competitive, keeping it on the front page may also require constant updating on the site.

We also offer financing up to 12 months based on the estimated cost. 

For example, site SEO review and changes (15h) + Content creation (7,5h).

1800€ divided over 6 months:
300€ /month + VAT.

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Targeted keywords drive traffic and customers to your website!

Change in site traffic:
78% growth

Mesut spent close to €50/day on Google Ads. For the competitive search keyword 'Responsible supervisor', which has between 500 and 1000 searches per month according to the search engine.

The cost of a front page spot organically (3rd place) with Digihaav reduced the marketing budget and increased the number of contacts.

Did you know? Organic visibility is more persuasive when the customer is looking for the service they need.

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