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New business gets off to a strong start in the search engine

We are often asked in cost calculations whether it is worthwhile for a new company to go for a "Full-Code" implementation immediately or whether "No-Code" will suffice. I think the answer is simple. If you need the fastest and most cost-effective way to run your business, you need a "no-code" solution.

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E-commerce for consumers and B2B customers

Silverfinish had a clear vision. To have an easy-to-use buying process for consumers and retail customers. At the time of launch, 3 different online stores had already been built for different domains, which were to be merged into one WordPress

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Website for your company

Fireplace catalogue to support sales

We created a new and responsive online catalogue for TakkaCenter to help you choose a fireplace. The aim was to make it as easy as possible to filter and find a wide range of fireplaces, and the customer found this to be a great success.

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Homepage For trainers

We created a branded website for Kuudes Aisti Oy, making it easy to find information and explore the services on offer. The site is personal and distinctive thanks to small graphic elements and its own

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Online application for start-ups

Autoturva approached DigiHaav with an idea that was only at the conceptual level. The idea was to find a way to make private car dealers' transactions clearer and safer. DigiHaavi started work first

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Online shopping in a week

The slowness of the website made Soosikauppa think about redesigning the site. The old website had been implemented with the Divi tool, filling it with more add-ons (+60) and the shopping experience was still clunky. We created for Soosikauppa

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