A dedicated plugin for donations on WordPress and Paytrail.

Digihaavi-Martyrs-Aani-Donation form

For our client Martyrs' Voice Association, we implemented a special add-on that embeds a donation form on every page, which allows donations to be made via online payment, mobilepay or even bank card. The aim was to create an easy-to-use and understandable package that starts with the selection of the donation item (which adds a reference to the payment) and then the choice of payment method.

Desktop version
Mobile version

Governance panel

On the admin side (the WordPress admin side), we created an easy and clear way to edit donation items, without the need to call our coders. The customer can add new items and their reference numbers themselves in the admin panel.

Governance panel

Need a similar one?

We can create different payment forms, donation forms and other customized payment acceptance methods for WordPress. No ongoing maintenance fees, just the payment provider's own costs.


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