Online shopping in a week


The slowness of the website made Soosikauppa think about redesigning the site. The old website had been implemented with the Divi tool, filled with several add-ons (+60) and the shopping experience was still clunky.

We created a new theme for Soosikauppa, which had a number of features built in that had previously been patched with add-ons from various authors. We were able to mock up over 40 add-ons on the site and Google's LightHouse test gave the site good reviews.

Putting the shopping experience first!

We took the time to make it easier to shop and created a checkout page that makes it clear and easy (and mobile-optimised!) to buy from the site.
We also added a feature to the checkout where you can easily add promotional products to your order.

The end result is a satisfied customer who got what he wanted quickly!

You can influence the price tag yourself

Is the budget tighter? With Soosikauppa we only did the design and the technical part. Adding and updating the products was left to the client, leaving the final invoiced amount significantly lower when the client did it themselves. We are happy to guide future/experienced online retailers through these processes.


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