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Autoturva approached DigiHaav with an idea that was only at the conceptual level. The idea was to find a way to make private car dealers' transactions clearer and safer. DigiHaavi first started the work by collecting all the ideas on a MIRO (digital notepad/concept) board and going through how the software would work for the user.

This gave us new ideas and the Autoturva product evolved while the prototype was being built. Great features were added that made the product even better.

Integration work was carried out on a number of different systems. The site talks to strong authentication, a signature tool, an online car and Paytrail.

Ease of maintenance is also important in software design

The biggest technology is behind the "4-step process" where the seller/buyer is connected and the app does most of the work automatically and applies the funding to the buyer. At the end of the day, Autoturva is only left with confirming the transaction and finding the customer.

Further development, further development, further development

We continue to do monthly development for Autoturve and we are their outsourced software team that keeps the technology running. In these cases, we continue to work as normal on an hourly basis.


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